Fall Home Maintenance Tips from Kolby Construction

Fall is here and the change in the season reminds homeowners that there are items that need to be addressed around the house!  Kolby Construction offers the following home maintenance recommendations for homeowners.

Be sure to check the exterior of your home for several key items…

1) Check all windows and doors for peeling paint and missing caulk.  It might be time to have all your window trim re-caulked and re-painted.  The same goes for exterior doors and door trim.  Maybe it is time to replace in-efficient entry doors for more efficient and updated replacements.

2) Weather stripping around entry doors and garage doors need to be checked and replaced where needed to prevent heat/air losses.

3) Check siding and fascia around the house for peeling paint or holes.  It may be necessary to caulk any holes or gaps and re-paint all siding and fascia.  It may even be time to replace any damaged or rotten siding or fascia.

4)  Decks need to be evaluated as to their supports, stairs, and rails.  Any loose boards, rails, or supports need to be repaired, and a fresh coat of stain should be applied to protect your wood from the elements.

It is better to do basic home maintenance items regularly than to wait until small maintenance items become costly repairs!

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