12 Days of Christmas: 12 Remodeling Project Gift Ideas from Kolby Construction Day 9

A remodeled home for the holidays!! Wow, now that is a great gift to give the one(s) you love! Not to mention, you can enjoy the benefits of a new bathroom, kitchen, fireplace, or any renovation project that you choose to gift. Let’s go through 12 both small and large renovation projects that really say Merry Christmas . . .

Ok let’s recap, Day 1 remodeling project idea was a complete bathroom remodel, Day 2 remodeling gift idea was interior trim, Day 3 was a gas fireplace, or a remodeled fireplace mantel/surround, Day 4 was custom exterior shutters, Day 5 was a Screened in Porch / Outdoor Room, Day 6 was a New Kitchen Backsplash & Granite Countertops, Day 7 is a  New Front Entry Door, Day 8 is a  Second Story Foyer/Living Room Conversion, Day 9 is . . .

9. New Front Steps/Porch


Are you a little embarrassed when the holiday guests arrive and see your old, crumbly, and unsightly front steps?  Do you want an affordable way to update and remodel those deteriorating brick or wood front steps?  Well Day 9 Remodeling gift idea is a new front stoop or porch!  We can cover your old steps with slate and stone, maybe add some new rails or columns.  With the many different stone veneer options your porch can be transformed!


Check back tomorrow as the 12 Days of Christmas: 12 Remodeling Project Gift Ideas continues . . .

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