12 Days of Christmas: 12 Remodeling Project Gift Ideas from Kolby Construction Day 11

A remodeled home for the holidays!! Wow, now that is a great gift to give the one(s) you love! Not to mention, you can enjoy the benefits of a new bathroom, kitchen, fireplace, or any renovation project that you choose to gift. Let’s go through 12 both small and large renovation projects that really say Merry Christmas . . .

Ok let’s recap, Day 1 remodeling project idea was a complete bathroom remodel, Day 2 remodeling gift idea was interior trim, Day 3 was a gas fireplace, or a remodeled fireplace mantel/surround, Day 4 was custom exterior shutters, Day 5 was a Screened in Porch / Outdoor Room, Day 6 was a New Kitchen Backsplash & Granite Countertops, Day 7 is a  New Front Entry Door, Day 8 is a  Second Story Foyer/Living Room Conversion, Day 9 is New Front Steps/Porch, Day 10 is Re-Paint Your House, Day 11 is . . .

11. Organize your Garage


What does your garage look like? Are you embarrassed when your garage opens and the neighbors see inside? Why not think smart when it comes to garage.  First you need to get rid of all the junk and clutter that you NEVER use, then we can start to think about smart storage options that will allow all your stuff to have a designated storage placeCheck out this article from Bob Villa  for some great storage options. Utilizing the space above your garage door is probably the most underutilized areas that homeowners overlook.  What man or woman for that matter wouldn’t love to have a neat organized garage for Christmas!! 

Check back tomorrow for the final 12 Days of Christmas: 12 Remodeling Project Gift Ideas . . .

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