Real Estate Repairs: Kolby Construction helps close the deal!

If you are buying or selling a home in the Charlotte area you will definitely have to deal with your home inspectors list of needed repairs!


Kolby Construction can assist both sellers and buyers will all the possible home repair requests that may arise.  Whether you are in need of:

  1. structural repairs
  2. wood rot repairs
  3. crawl space moisture problems
  4. window / door / siding replacements
  5. plumbing / electrical / hvac issues
  6. interior or exterior caulking and painting
  7. roofing and gutters
  8. pressure washing
  9. Any and all issues that may arise!

Kolby Construction will come out to the house and evaluate the property for the necessary repairs.  We will provide you with a written proposal including the costs associated with the repairs for a small fee that is credited towards the work when and if you do it!

If you are closing on a house and need to get those repairs done, contact Kolby Construction!  With quality and efficiency we will help you get the deal done!

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Licensed General Contractors


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