Renovations That Will Help With the Sale of Your Home in 2015

Fall is almost here, and the Charlotte area real estate market appears to be gaining great momentum.  Many homeowner’s who have wanted to sell, but because of the downturn in the housing market over the past few years have waited.  Many feel now is a great time to do so!


We have a several renovation tips to ready your home for sale that will make it more marketable and desirable.  The key is to do just enough to give a buyer inspiration to want the house without breaking the bank.

1) Definitely have your house pressure-washed and the exterior of the home painted as needed to increase its curb appeal.

2) Curb appeal helps sell a house, so landscaping with some hardscapes goes a long way….

3) Replace door hardware with the new updated colors and styles.  Especially the front entrance door!  And if you still have the old gold ones, consider changing out all interior door hardware as well.

4) If your front entrance door is in need of some tlc, changing it out for a newer fiberglass or wood door will go along way…

5) Kitchens: If your kitchen is needing an upgrade, consider replacing the countertops with granite or stone, and adding a new tiled backsplash to really make the kitchen pop.

6) Painting: It’s amazing what a fresh coat of a neutral color palette will do to inspire prospective buyers!

7) Caulking :  Be sure to caulk anywhere that is need of caulking, ie bathtubs, baseboards, crown mouldings, windows, doors…no one wants to see cracking caulk 🙂

8) Lighting:  Be sure that your house is light and bright.  If you have any dark areas, consider changing out light fixtures and possibly adding recessed can lights.

9) Decking:  Be sure to have a fresh coat of stain/sealer on any decking that is looking shabby!

10) Flooring:  Depending on your budget and the price of your home, if you have old carpets, be sure to at least have them professionally cleaned, or even better have the carpet switched for a buyer favorite… hardwoods.

At Kolby Construction we have a team of professionals that would love to assist you with the preparation of getting your home ready for sale!  We can help with any and all of the renovation and remodeling projects that your budget allows for!  Contact us today to get started….

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