Kolby Construction Handyman Division Ready to Help!

Do you have a list of handyman items you need completed around your home?   Whether it’s caulking your bathtub, windows, or doors, or replacing rotten wood around your home’s exterior,  Kolby Construction’s handyman division is ready to assist you with all your home repair needs!

riggsdoor2 (3)

We can help with any of the following home repair items:

1.  Drywall hanging or repair

2. Caulking

3. Painting

4.  Pressure Washing 

5. Leaks: plumbing, roofing . . .etc

6. Furniture Assembling

7. Hanging pictures, blinds, tv’s, curtains, cabinets

8. Wood repairs inside and out

9. Concrete work and repairs

10. Landscaping

11. Fencing 

12. Bathroom/Kitchen repairs

13.  Door/Window repairs

14.  Anything you can think of that you can’t or don’t want to do! 

Don’t delay, Call us today!


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