Back to the office: Sneeze Guard Partitions Charlotte, NC

Sneeze guard partition installed on desk in office

Whether you are a small or large office, a retail store, or a food service business, the new normal will require you to think about customer/employee safety. With all that has been transpiring in the world, new measures such as sneeze guards for cashiers or desks are a must to help minimize the spread of germs.

Due to this new demand, Kolby Construction will fullfill this need by helping to custom fabricate and install these items for any of your office/store needs. We can come out to view the space and suggest the best size/shape and installation method for your needs. These can range from a small simple sneeze guard, to a full plexi-glass enclosure for your space.

Many businesses will begin bringing its employees back to the office, so we are ready to help your business today!!

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