Basement Remodeling: Work with charlotte’s premier Basement Remodeler!

Kolby Construction is Charlotte’s premier basement remodeler. Do you have a lower level in your home just waiting to be transformed? Many of us have this untapped square footage in need of design and finishing. Our skilled team can help turn this into office space, second living quarters, media rooms, the possibilities are endless!
There are a few important design and structural issues that must be addressed correctly in order to meet today’s building codes. Whether your house was built in the mid-century or relatively new construction, let’s consider a few important ideas.
Firstly, the entrance and stairway leading to your basement must meet the proper headroom height and stair riser height minimums/maximums! No one wants to squeeze into a stairway and duck their head to get down to the lower level. North Carolina Building code requires a minimum of 6′ 8″ in headroom. The riser height must not exceed 8 1/4″. Steep stairs and low headroom make you feel like you are going to a dungeon!
Design Tip #1: Try to make the entrance to the lower level inviting and an extension of the rest of the home. Open stairs allow the lower level to feel just like another level. If you do have a door at the top of the stairs, consider using a french door to allow light and flow from one level to the next.

Charlotte’s premier basement remodeler

Design Tip #2: Flooring in the lower level should complement the other living areas of your home. With the creation of new luxury plank flooring, the lower level can look like hardwoods while having the convenience of water proof flooring.
Another important structural item that needs to be carefully considered is in basement bedrooms! If you want a true bedroom in your lower level, the room not only needs to have a closet, but also the properly sized egress window. North Carolina building code requires that the opening of an egress be equal or greater than 5.7 square feet, with a minimum opening height of 24 inches, and a minimum opening width of 20 inches.
Design Tip #3: Natural light in a lower level will absolutely make the space feel more like an extension of the rest of the house. So those egress windows serve dual purposes!
So, if you have that lower level in need of design and finishing, give the skilled team at Kolby Construction Company a call to get started! We can transform your basement space into the square footage you need and want. Kolby Construction is Charlotte’s premier basement remodeler!


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