Energy Evaluations  |  Weatherization  |  Home Maintenance 

  Sustainable Building Practices

Green renovations start with trying to use sustainable, recycled, or used materials, with great effort to produce less waste in the process.  Are you environmentally conscious and desiring to make your home a greener place? Or maybe you want to save money on your energy cost? Kolby Construction offers the following suggestions…

Green Renovations

Kolby Construction can do an evaluation of your home to determine areas in your home that have performance issues. Often home maintenance and repairs that are neglected can lead to energy loss.  Once we determine your home’s needs, you might benefit from one or more of the following:

  1. new energy efficient windows & doors
  2. new siding/composite decking
  3. caulking existing gaps/holes
  4. re-insulating your attic
  5. update heating/cooling systems
  6. tankless water heaters
  7. adding moisture barrier to crawl space area

Renovate  |  Remodel  |  Maintain

Licensed General Contractors


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